Latest news from Buckingham Palace on King Charles

Buckingham Palace announced today that King Charles, 75, has been diagnosed with cancer and has begun treatment today.

The palace did not specify what type of cancer Charles has, or what stage he is at. The discovery was made public after the monarch underwent a normal operation for an enlarged prostate. According to the BBC, it is not prostate cancer.

«During the King’s recent operation in hospital for benign prostatic hypertrophy, another matter of concern was raised. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer,» reads a statement from Buckingham Palace.
The release states that Charles will have to take time out from public duties to receive treatment, but it also sounds positive about his future prospects.

«His Majesty has today begun a program of regular treatments, during which doctors have advised him to postpone his public duties. During this period, His Majesty will continue to attend to affairs of state and official activities as usual.

«The King is grateful to his medical team for their swift intervention, made possible by his recent operation in hospital.


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