IQ Puzzle: Can you find three errors in a picture in 9 seconds?

A puzzle challenge mainly involves solving a puzzle, deciphering a code, finding a hidden object or mistake, or finding a flaw in a picture.

Regular practice of such tasks helps improve problem-solving skills and is also a healthy workout for the brain.

Are you a person with a high IQ?

Let’s find out now!

In the image above, a girl can be seen sitting on the couch playing video games.

There are three errors in the picture and the readers’ task is to find them in 9 seconds.

This puzzle will test your attention to detail.

Your time starts now!

Look at the image and study it carefully.

Have you noticed any errors?

Hurry up; hurry up.

Study the image carefully; you might be about to find errors.


Time is over.

Kudos to readers who noticed all the errors.

Those who failed can scroll below to find the solution.

The three errors in the image are:

1. The TV screen is upside down.

2. There are no buttons on the gamepad.

3. The earphones do not have ear cushions.

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