If you can find the horse hidden in this photo in just 12 seconds, you are very smart

Eye testing has for some time now been one of the best and most popular online hobbies that users around the world love to enjoy and spend their free time with. The direct involvement of the user, called upon to test their visual and intellectual abilities, makes these challenges real mental training exercises. The wide range of existing tests, even of different complexity, allows us to fully satisfy everyone’s needs and tastes. The game that we want to offer you in this article does not fall into the category of personality tests, which generally reveal aspects inherent to the behavior and personal attitudes of each of us. The test in question requires great observation skills, an attentive eye and even a little imagination. In other words, it is an optical illusion whose protagonist in this case is a horse.

In the case of optical illusion, you have to identify an image hidden in another image. This is illustrated skillfully and precisely by its creator in order to deceive our eye. This type of test lends itself to keeping our minds trained, young and responsive, increasingly improving our attention and ability to concentrate. Additionally, the difficulty level can also be increased depending on whether the challenge needs to be solved within a specific time frame or not.

Returning to our optical illusion, the proposed image represents a man lying on a rock in a wooded landscape. He is depicted while he is busy playing with the birds in the shade of a tree. The man has lost his horse and it will be up to you to help him. In fact, in just 12 seconds you should be able to identify it in the image. We estimated that only 2% of people were able to solve the puzzle in the required time. So you just have to try to be part of this small percentage as well. Good fun !

Optical illusion solution

So, did you manage to find the horse? Let’s hope so. If so, we would be more than happy to offer you our compliments. If you haven’t succeeded, don’t worry: other challenges await you to test all your mental abilities. Below we report the solution of the game.

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