During the Miss Italy final, the 18-year-old girl shocked all the spectators by lifting her dress.

In 2018, a Miss Italia contestant won third place in the competition, but this led to a flurry of insults. The reason was that the runner-up contestant had a prosthetic under her dress.

You may not have heard of Chiara Bordi, but she was chosen as the second contestant in the “Miss Italy” competition in 2018. You could say the contestant is a true fighter.

Back then, the girl who was 18 years old had walked the stage with a prosthetic leg and in doing so, proved that her disability was not a hindrance but rather a source of strength.

The first contestant to show off her bionic leg at the Miss Italia pageant was the victim of a road accident at the age of 13. Despite having her leg amputated, the determined and attractive brunette has not given up on her dream of becoming a model.

It is obvious that the last participant has achieved her goal, as she took third place in the pageant. However, Chiara Bordi was subjected to a wave of abuse on social media, especially on Twitter.

“ You disgust me, go home, people vote for you because you are crippled ”,

“ You cannot represent Italy without a leg because you are crippled ”, we could read on Twitter.

Not surprisingly, the young woman also received messages of support, including

“What incredible resilience! Congratulations, Chiara”.

In turn, the protagonist wisely handled criticism.

“ I’m missing a leg, but you have a heart and a brain… Behind all this nastiness hide frustrations and dissatisfaction. It’s not the victory that interests me, but to show the world that life is always beautiful, “said the young woman to her detractors.

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