During construction, workers discovered old clay pots with 1,300 pounds of ancient Roman coins inside.

Discovering a significant archaeological treasure would be one of the most thrilling experiences for anyone. Uncovering a piece of our planet’s remarkable history would be enough to bring a feeling of happiness and achievement to almost anyone. This is precisely what occurred to a group of construction workers in Spain. They were working normally, just like any other day, when they stumbled upon an extraordinary discovery. The discovery was so massive that they couldn’t excavate the entire thing! See below for what they found.

While working on the installation of electricity in the park, workers were digging a ditch and discovered ancient clay pots. In fact, these pots are called amphorae, and they were made at a time when Rome ruled much of Europe.

When workers cleaned the amphorae of dirt, they found that they contained objects resembling ancient coins.

It turned out that 19 such amphorae were found in the area, and they were all filled to the brim with bronze coins of the Roman Empire.

The coins weighed about 1,300 pounds!

The coins date from around the 3rd or 4th century AD. Surprisingly, researchers claim that these coins were never used in actual trade.

Usually, these amphorae were used to store and transport products such as wine, olive oil, and other foods.

The coins depict the emperors Maximian and Constantine and are worth at least several million euros!

This set of coins interested archaeologists because it is very unique. As already mentioned, these coins have never been used in circulation.

Researchers are eager to learn as much as possible about these coins, and because of their large number, it will take some time.

When the coins have been thoroughly examined by researchers, they will be transferred to the Seville Archaeological Museum, where people will be able to look at the coins themselves.

Because of the uniqueness of this coin collection, researchers are showing great interest in it, hoping to learn something new about ancient Rome. Until now, no team of archaeologists has ever discovered such a treasure.

It is amazing that these amphorae and coins have survived intact for centuries, having been buried in the ground.

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