Can you find the 3 differences in the sailor? Dare to overcome this challenge in 7 seconds

Your objective today is to find the 3 differences between two images that seem the same, however, they are not.

To raise the level of complexity of this online exercise you will only have 15 seconds, so you must be extremely fast if you want to claim victory. Shall we begin?

Will you be able to locate the 10 inequalities of the challenge?Look very carefully at the following illustration that we will present to you, but the most important thing is that you do not lose sight of any detail that can help you overcome the challenge.

Also, remember that you are against the clock, so don’t waste any more time and let’s start at 3,2,1.

Did you manage to overcome the online challenge? If so, then we congratulate you because today you are not only one of the few winners, but you were also able to convince yourself of the great potential you have.

See HERE the answer to the challenge
Below we share the resolved image of this viral exercise so you can check how close or far you were from success.

Likewise, remember that only by practicing continuously will you be able to reach the level.


 The differences are found in the life jacket that is on the boat, in the rudder and in the captain’s hat. Were you close to achieving it? We invite you to review more similar tests so that you can improve your visual ability.

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