Can you find 3 differences in the kings? Try to overcome this challenge in 7 seconds

Are you ready to demonstrate your visual agility? In this new challenge you will be able to observe a couple of kings posing for a photo of the royal family, but there are some differences that only some will be able to capture.

Find the 3 differences
You only have 7 seconds to find the 3 differences in the royal family, because this way you will show that you are a GENIUS by solving the most complicated cases that Diario Líbero shares on the main digital platforms.

Try to overcome this complicated challenge.
If you do not succeed, we will give you a second chance so that you can demonstrate each of your skills, but you will only have 3 seconds so as not to reduce its difficulty and you can demand your skills to the maximum.

Discover the 3 differences in this challenge. Didn’t you make it? Here we will leave you the resolved image.

Answer: The differences you were looking for are found in the king’s crown and chin, as well as in the queen’s belt.

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