Boy Gets Bullied for His Pink T-Shirt: When I See His Teacher the Next Day, My Heart Breaks

School bullying deprives a large number of children of their right to education. Unfortunately, this form of violence is much more common than we think and schools are sometimes unable to prevent it.

Unfortunately, the consequences of harassment are long-lasting and affect the victim’s self-esteem.

9-year-old William Gierke wanted to help raise breast cancer awareness by purchasing a pink T-shirt that said Tough Guys Wear Pink.

He felt proud and looked forward to wearing the T-shirt to school without expecting his classmates to make fun of him.

When they saw him wearing pink, they started calling him names such as “sissy.”

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William was heartbroken and went home crying. When his mother realized he had been bullied because of the color of his outfit, she was angry. Seeing his son choke on tears didn’t feel right. He was so hurt that he didn’t even want to go to school the next day.

His mother didn’t know how to help him, but luckily his teacher was there to make things right.

Namely, William’s teacher, David Winter, learned of the bullying and therefore decided to stand up for William by wearing a pink T-shirt himself.

His teacher showing solidarity meant everything to William.

“I feel more comfortable, I don’t let it bother me anymore,” William said after his teacher took a stand against the bullies.

We need more people like this teacher in the world. It’s because of actions like theirs that this world is a much better place.

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