Be a genius! Find the huge mistake here!

The Internet is abuzz over a viral image with two glaring errors.

Do you have the skills to complete our latest hide and seek challenge? Let’s find out!

Examine the image above and share what you observe.

Your task this time is to identify what is wrong with the cartoon.

We can reveal that you are looking for TWO significant errors.

While most people quickly notice the bus, the driver and the lady with the umbrella, only the most perceptive spectators can discover the hidden errors.

Examine the image carefully before revealing the solution.

Have you spotted it? Don’t give up just yet.

Here’s one last clue that might help you unravel the mystery independently.

Something is wrong with the bus! Something that could pose a risk when the vehicle is in motion.

And the answer is… The bus lacks exterior mirrors and windshield wipers!

While the use of exterior mirrors is crucial for everyone’s safety, windshield wipers are undeniably essential on a rainy day like this.

Did you manage to find out for yourself?

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