Are you a good observer? Find 9 “unusual” things in the image!

The challenges of finding errors in images are one of the most appreciated by the public who, in search of fun and competition, discover new ways and strategies to solve cases. You have probably already been exposed to countless tests since childhood that tested your observation skills and reasoning agility.

He who has never tried to discover seven errors in an image casts the first stone. The truth is that in addition to being nostalgic, these games are capable of awakening curiosity, competitiveness and even a good level of perception for those who are used to challenging themselves.

Just look at two duplicate figures, placed side by side, and you already have this strange feeling of looking for small errors or flaws in one of them, right?

Today’s test is basically about finding errors in the image, but in a slightly different way than usual. Instead of comparing two figures, the challenge is to discover some absurd flaws in the illustration. This requires a lot of attention and reasoning, because contrary to what we are used to, these are not just elements taken out of context, they are scenes and montages placed in a completely absurd order.

Let’s say there are about 9 errors that can be considered “strange”, so pay close attention to the image and try to find anything that looks strange, and you can be sure that the errors are everywhere.

There are 9 errors that are almost impossible to find. Are you a good observer? find 9 “unusual” things in the image!

Did you manage to find the errors? Be aware that they are not easy to find, so don’t give up! Should we start finding the answers? Remember to look carefully when locating each resolved item.

We leave the picture with the items listed for you to check.

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