Alexa, who is 10 years old, impresses the audition judges within seconds with her rendition of “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys.

Alexa, who is ten years old, takes on an extremely challenging song for her audition on The Voice Kids Australia, but the risk certainly pays off. THE PERFORMANCE IS PEERLESS!!!!!

The way she sings “Girl On Fire,” Alicia Keys’ hit song, sets the stage on fire with her dynamic presence and powerful vocal performance. Mel B was blown away from the start, dancing to the rhythm and beat of Alexa.

This spectacular cover of “Girl On Fire” is a song that has forever changed the life of this young girl.

Her well-developed voice is flawless despite her young age, a quality that adds something special to every word sung by ten-year-old Alexa Curtis. The groundbreaking performances do not cease with this innocent yet powerful act.

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