After a joke by the sons, the father received 15,000 congratulations.

The Ferry family usually celebrated their father’s birthday at a restaurant. However, two brothers decided to break away from this tradition and came up with an original way to congratulate their dad.

Mike Ferry and Chris Ferry Jr. wanted their father to feel how much they loved him. They placed a photo of Senior Ferry with his phone number on a billboard in Atlantic City. The text on it read, “Wish our father a happy birthday,” and below it was the signature, “Loving sons.”

In the end, the man received about 15,000 congratulations. “I just wanted to make his birthday special,” said Mike Ferry in an interview with WLNY-TV. “I just wanted to say that I love my father, I love my family, and I’m very happy that he was in the spotlight.”

Chris Ferry Jr. added, “We wanted it to be a birthday he would remember. We hesitated about leaving the phone number, but ultimately decided to go big and wrote down the number.”

Senior Ferry admitted that at first he wasn’t thrilled that his children gave out his phone number. However, knowing the playful nature of his sons, he still appreciated the joke.

“I think in the past three days, I’ve received 15,000 phone calls, text messages, and Facebook well-wishes,” said Ferry. “I’ve received messages from all over the world, including the Philippines, Kenya, Luxembourg. It’s been incredible.”

Mike Ferry said, “Dad always puts others first, including me and my brother. And the billboard on his 62nd birthday is just a nice way to show our appreciation for him.”

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