A shy Christian girl surprises everyone by winning the competition with her powerful voice.

An introverted Christian girl astounds everyone by winning the competition with her incredible vocal talent.


Keren Montero, 16 years old, is a rising star whose talent will leave you amazed! Keren first made waves in the music industry after winning “Dominicanas Got Talent” and has since been featured as one of the standout performers on AGT All Stars 2023. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Keren combines traditional folk elements with modern pop to create a unique style.

She was dressed conservatively in a white dress adorned with floral patterns, paired with a pink sweater, perfectly balancing professionalism and gentleness.

Keren Montero sang “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle with a powerful voice that immediately captivated the audience. While most people struggle to reach all the high notes of this song, Keren effortlessly holds her own while adding her own unique flair. Her voice belied her young age and sent chills down everyone’s spine in the room.

Keren’s journey began in Santiago de los Caballeros when she started singing for her friends and family at the tender age of four. As she grew older, she developed her own style by blending traditional melodies with modern sounds, which won over the judges of Dominicanas Got Talent and later AGT All Stars 2023.

“For me, it’s important to continue learning what I love and teaching others who are in need. I am a Christian singer, and at my young age, I have gained some experience in this field,” she stated on LinkedIn.

Keren has repeatedly proven herself to be a deserving artist who uses her talents to bring joy into the lives of others. Her determination, charisma, and beautiful voice have made her one of those talented individuals destined for greatness. Watch Keren’s compelling performance below:

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