A man lives in a school bus with his wife and three children: See what it looks like from the inside

When the family realised that living in an apartment was very expensive, they found another option. The couple converted a school bus into a home. Here’s what it looks like inside


A few years ago, Brian and Starla Sullivan, from Renton, Washington, realised that the rent was too high for them and that they simply couldn’t afford it. But instead of despairing, they came up with a very unusual solution.

The family moved into the school bus.
When Starla suggested that Brian move into the school bus, the husband thought his wife was joking. But when she explained all the benefits, he realised that it really was the best option for their family.

The Sullivans have managed to turn an old bus into a comfortable home with a living room and fully equipped kitchen.
The undeniable benefit is that the family now pays $500 a month in rent, a third of what they used to pay for their small apartment.

Another benefit is that Brian no longer has to work overtime to pay his rent and can spend more time with his wife and children.
The Sullivans are very happy living in their bus, but admit that if they ever think about moving again, they would probably choose an unusual place rather than a regular apartment.

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