A loving father adopted a little girl with Down’s syndrome: She had been abandoned by 20 families

When little Alba was born with Down syndrome, her mother abandoned her. Within 30 days, she was abandoned by 20 families. Finally, a gay man named Luca Trapanese came to her rescue. The connection between the two is incredible. This is the story of a little girl with Down syndrome and her wonderful father.
Luca Trapanese has been helping people with disabilities in Naples (Italy) for years. He and his former partner even started a charity to help people with disabilities. Luca Trapanese wanted to be a father, but when he and his partner divorced, Italy’s strict adoption rules made it very difficult for a single parent to adopt a child.
Luca Trapanese spent several years helping people with disabilities in Naples, Italy. He and his ex-wife also set up a charity to help people with disabilities.
Trapanese’s desire to help the sick, injured and needy stemmed from a difficult experience he had as a teenager. When he was only 14, he lost his best friend Diego to cancer.



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