A 15-year-old boy saves a drowning child by jumping into icy water and is recognised as a hero

15-year-old boy recognised as a hero for jumping into icy water to save drowning child


The parents of 15-month-old Reggie Hampton have named Riley Ferguson as their son’s guardian angel. Fifteen-year-old Riley Ferguson was walking his dogs along a culvert on a stretch of the Eyre and Calder Rivers in West Yorkshire, England, when he discovered 15-month-old Reggie Hampton had fallen into the canal water.

Reggie was playing in the garden of his house and ran out the back door. Riley said: “When I came back from the hospital I saw him and heard the little boy screaming and waving his arms. I realised he was very small. And I told myself I had to hold him so he wouldn’t fall into the water.” After that, Reggie went home.

Riley’s parents, Michael and Amy, said they were very proud of their brave son.
Councillor Tom Gordon urged the Mayor to reward Riley for his brave and selfless actions. Gordon said: “Our city is lucky to have a man like Riley. He is a hero and deserves to be recognised as such.

Local people have started a campaign to give Riley the title of Pride of Britain. They’ve set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Riley, but the teenager won’t take the money – he wants to give it to the NHS.

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