A 14-year-old girl walked onto the stage with embarrassment. The jury laughed at her choice of song, but when the girl began to sing, everyone was surprised…

A 14-year-old girl stepped onto the stage feeling embarrassed. The judges laughed at her song choice, but as soon as she started singing, everyone was taken aback…


14-year-old Sheina is very shy. Despite her vocal talent, the girl did not risk appearing on a TV show for a long time.

However, family and friends supported Sheina, “one way or another, she appeared on her dream stage in front of a lot of viewers and TV cameras.”

When Sheina told the jury what song she was going to sing, they laughed at her for such a choice.

They were faced with a modest and insecure girl; they couldn’t have imagined she would sing like that. But she did it anyway.

Look how beautifully she sings that song.

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