76-year-old female blogger challenges stereotypes

76-year-old Candice Leslie Sima has a social media page where she showcases beautiful and stylish clothing and inspires her peers.

Candice created her social media account at the age of 72. She wanted to find out if people her age were interested in fashion. It turned out that there weren’t many of them. This inspired the woman to create a fashion blog and make videos.

In one video, Candace talked about discovering a stereotype regarding older people.

“On the covers of fashion magazines, there are always headlines like ‘How to look better in your 20s, 30s, and 40s.’ And they never mention 50, 60, and 70,” Candace recalls.

The blogger believes that the best way to promote the beauty of aging is to be yourself. Candace strives to show the positive aspects of aging.

Many users are amazed by her creative approach to combining different fashion items. Some are impressed by the fact that at her age, she looks great and wears whatever she likes.

Candice believes that fashion items are suitable for everyone.

“Reinventing yourself as you age is just finding things that suit you as you are,” the woman believes.

Candice creates video content not only to showcase her outfits but also to provide style advice. The goal of her blog is to inspire women and remind them that aging is a natural and beautiful process. She aims to encourage women to embrace these changes and view them in a positive light.

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