Which of these families is the poorest? Test your attention level!

Analyze the picture carefully and find out which family has the lowest financial situation!

Travel is one of the best experiences we can have. Getting out of routine and visiting places, even if they are close, is always something very positive, which helps us accumulate experiences and get closer to the beauty that exists in the world.

Whether alone, with friends or family, traveling is powerful nourishment for the soul and an experience we always strive to repeat. People who travel often show signs that reveal their passion to us.

In the test that we offer you today, you will be invited to combine your love of travel with your analytical skills to arrive at the correct result of a very interesting challenge. Check out the image above, where you can see two very excited families at an airport. Both are made up of a father, a mother and a child.

However, even though their goals are the same, they are not entirely similar. By doing a quick analysis, we were able to see that there are many differences between the two groups, whether in terms of posture or clothing style.

The difference we are looking for in this test is a little deeper, and you have to be very attentive to the details, which are not always noticed. One of the two families is poorer, so they are certainly much more enthusiastic about traveling by plane. Your mission is to find out who this family is.

Gather your friends and take on the challenge together. To make the test even more difficult, we will give you a maximum of 10 seconds to find the answer. Join forces and take on the challenge. Ready? You can begin!

So, did you manage to get the result within the stipulated time? If so, congratulations, you have done a great job as a deduction and agility team. If they found it, but it took a little longer, that’s okay, the important thing is that the answer is correct. If it was difficult and you haven’t found the details that reveal the answer, don’t worry, we show you what they are below:

People who travel frequently are more financially privileged, as tickets and accommodation can be expensive. In this sense, the family on the left seems rich, because their suitcases are full of stickers of the places they have visited. We hope this test helped you practice your perception!

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