Which direction is this bus going? Even a small child can solve this puzzle

A puzzle that even a small child can easily solve. Can you guess too? Look at the picture and decide which direction the bus is going. The answer might surprise you.

Did you like puzzles when you were a child? You shouldn’t dwell on it even as an adult. These are children’s riddles, which seem banal at first glance, which train the brain, memory and logical thinking. With a trained brain, you will be able to think much better and more efficiently about daily tasks and work opportunities. Can you solve this puzzle?

The riddle is quite simple. Look at the drawn picture and determine which direction the bus in the picture is going. Try to think about the answer, and if you can answer correctly, then your mind is well trained.

Which direction is the bus going in the photo?

Children can solve this kind of riddle in seconds. The reason is simple. An adult thinks through a riddle with clear logic and looks for all kinds of circumstances that can influence the answer. The child thinks much more easily and focuses mainly on the visual side of the whole puzzle.

This approach should teach every adult to think about problems from a greater distance, in a broader way and without always taking into account all aspects of the environment. If you learn to put these things aside, it is very likely that you will solve many more problems, problems and intricacies in your life than this one puzzle.

After reading these sentences, look at the picture again. Try to completely distance yourself from any circumstances that may be associated with solving the puzzle. View the entire image, the surroundings of the bus and the entire bus. If you look at the picture through the eyes of a child, you will definitely find the right answer.

So what is the correct answer? Each riddle should only have one answer. The bus in the colored picture is going to the left. The reason is simple. There are no doors on the visible side of the bus. This means that it must be on the side from which passengers board as well.

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