When the girl’s dress flew up, the audience froze in surprise, and one of the judges fell onto the table.

As the girl’s dress flew up, the audience was stunned in surprise, and one of the judges toppled onto the table.


In recent times, there are numerous shows where people showcase their talent in various fields. Dance and music projects are the most popular because singing and dancing never become boring.

Through dance, people release their emotions, and through songs, they help uplift spirits. Shows that involve people showcasing their vocal abilities never lack brilliant and impressive participants. Each season has its favorites.

In this video, you will witness the energetic performance of Christina Ramos, a 37-year-old who captivated everyone. When she arrived at the talent show held in Spain, Christina first performed the aria “Cantante.” The audience and the judges were pleased with the young girl’s operatic voice.

However, no one expected that it was just the beginning of the performance. At the most unexpected moment, Christina decided to remove her evening gown, transforming her classical image into that of a rock singer. She performed the famous AC/DC song “Highway to Hell.” No one was prepared for such a twist.

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