When the 4 older women appeared on stage, the jury was stunned: when they undressed, everyone gasped.

Seeing the four elderly women on stage, the members of the jury were surprised: when they undressed, everyone was breathless.

The jury members were surprised to see four elderly women on stage. When they took off their clothes, everyone was astonished. It’s something that must be seen.

Together, these four elderly women represent the group “The Cocooners.” They are all very talented, but what surprised the jury members the most was their age. Michelle is 63 years old, Heather is 70 years old, Lynne is 80 years old, and Maxine is 75 years old.

When these four older women appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent stage, the judges were surprised. Most of the contestants in this project are not that old. But age does not exclude talent. When the older women undressed, the judges and the audience were stunned.

It’s best to see it all for yourself. Video below:

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