What Alain Delon’s granddaughter looks like today

What Alain Delon’s granddaughter looks like today

The personal life of the once popular sex symbol of world cinema Alain Delon has always remained in the dark for his fans.

Many girls on the planet dreamed of a charismatic and handsome man, famous actresses dreamed of being in his company and his loves are still legendary. However, it was only possible to ring the idol once, Natalie Barthelemy, who gave birth to her heir, Anthony Delon.

But the actor’s marriage didn’t last long – when his son was five, his parents divorced, and Anthony earned fame as a difficult teenager.

As an adult, he has already been behind bars for car theft and illegal possession of weapons. More than once he was caught in the company of “bad guys”. Despite youthful maximalism and mistakes made, Tony pulled himself together and developed a successful business.

The man also won the genetic lottery – his father’s beauty and charm were passed down to him by inheritance, which is why the flow of women around him has never diminished. Delon Jr. had three children – Liv and Lou, as well as Alison, born out of wedlock.

Alain Delon’s eldest granddaughter, Alison Le Borge, was born after Anthony’s relationship with Crazy Horse cabaret dancer Marie-Hélène Le Borge. After Delon found out about his partner’s pregnancy, the neglectful father simply disappeared from her life, not wanting to participate in raising his own daughter.

It is noteworthy that Alain Delon did not have an ardent desire to get to know his granddaughter – for the first time he saw the girl only at the age of 11! However, the meeting had an impressive effect on him – Alison looked incredibly similar to him.

We know that Le Borge studied at a theater school in the French capital, while working as a waitress on the side to pay for her studies. Soon, the young beauty discovered the world of modeling.

From the age of 14, she began appearing on the covers of popular magazines and participating in fashion shows.

Many photographers repeatedly pointed out how much she resembled a famous actor, calling her “Delon in female form”. Such an atypical appearance helped little Alison become the face of famous brands.

An interesting fact is that outside of work, Le Borge is a rather secretive person and very little is known about his personal life. She had a cool relationship with her father. Sometimes the paparazzi manage to catch her with the sons of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

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