The woman adopted a boy that no one wanted to take, look what he looks like now

The woman adopted a boy that no one wanted to take, look what he looks like now

Nicky had an amazing family, a loving husband and an adorable daughter from her first marriage.

But the woman couldn’t get rid of the idea that had been running through her head since the baby was born.

Nicky dreamed of adopting a child and giving him a real family, love and care.

Nicky’s husband supported her and they both agreed to take the child from the orphanage.

They looked at many profiles, but decided to choose a child who had no chance of being adopted.

Rustam was born with several birth defects. When his mother saw such a child, she rejected him.

It was her own fault, as she had an unhealthy lifestyle during her pregnancy.

A child is born with only one leg. Doctors did everything they could to restore the child’s face.

Nicky admitted she wasn’t scared when she first saw the baby.

She immediately started thinking about how she and her husband could help. Exactly one year has passed since the adoption.

The parents taught their son to walk, first with crutches, then with a prosthesis.

He works a lot with a speech therapist and now others can understand his speech.

Nicky says people and children in the neighborhood were initially suspicious of Rustam and made fun of him.

They were afraid to play with him in the same playground and avoided this unusual boy.

He started uploading his photos and sharing interesting moments from his life.

Rustam’s page quickly became popular. The media became interested in his story and Nicky and his son were invited to appear on several television shows.

Nicky teaches his son not to be ashamed of his appearance and tries to explain to him that the most important thing in a person is their soul.

Rustam has a long road ahead, but his loving family will always be there to support him.

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