The ship’s engine failed and no one could repair it

The ship’s engine had stopped working and was powerless to the challenge of repair. They brought in an experienced mechanic, a septuagenarian, who carefully inspected the machine several times.

Sans trop hésiter, il a pris un marteau et a frappe précisément a certaine partie de la machine. With the magic touch of the master, the machine has the same revenue.

Cependant, the owner of the device has a fee of 10,000 euros, which is extremely meticulous. The decision to confront the mechanics and demands a detailed explanation for a higher elevation.

The mécanicien a répondu calmement: “Frapper with a marteau — 2 euros, savoir où frapper — 9,998 euros.”

At this moment, the property is realized that the experience is inestimable and the competencies of the mechanics are crucial to solve the problem.

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