The professor heard a strange noise coming from the ceiling and decided to see who was hiding there

Employees at a school in North Carolina, USA, heard a strange squeaking noise coming from the ceiling. It was a sad meow, and it didn’t stop.

Not long ago, employees at a school in Northern California, USA, heard strange noises coming from the ceiling of one of the classrooms. They immediately recognized the noise as coming from the air vent – and after listening, they learned it was the whining cat that was squealing. Everyone in the office immediately decided to save the poor animals stuck in line.

“When we heard the noise, we immediately checked the vent and saw a few kittens outside. We started thinking about how to get them out of the tube and asked our mechanics for help,” says one of the teachers. The same day, they found the mother cat on school grounds and decided to reunite the family as soon as possible.

With the help of mechanics, three small kittens were removed from the pipe. However, for some time after the rescue, staff continued to hear the meows. They climbed in themselves and took out two more kittens. Finally, all the children were reunited.

The kittens were very hungry and screamed loudly. The employees fed and watered the crumbs and found mom the next day. The cat family has been reported to local shelters and they will be looking for new owners soon.

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