The difficulty level of this visual task has increased due to the time limit, so try your best and find the mistake

The goal is to find an error in an image in just 7 seconds. Overconfidence can work against you!

Since you have little time, it is important to use every second given to you. This means that you need to look at the illustration carefully. Don’t even think about taking your eyes off the image. Stay away from all distractions that will only lead you to lose.

The image shows the interior of the cafe. Several people came to this place. That’s right, one of them is being served by a waitress. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this scene, but you already know there’s a bug you need to find. Start looking for it right now!

Solving a visual riddle

Only a few people have emerged victorious in this visual competition. I understand that this is due to the limited time available. If you couldn’t find the error within 7 seconds, look at the image below to find out where it is.

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