The bus driver noticed 6 puppies on the side of the road at once and without thinking twice interrupted his trip

On the side of a country road, a bus driver noticed movement. He decided, just in case, to stop and check – it turned out that the act was absolutely correct. After all, it was pouring rain, and in the grass six little puppies clung at once, who were all alone.

The puppies tried in vain to keep warm. And of course, driver Robert Redford couldn’t just go about his business. He gathered the dogs one by one and took them to the bus first.

But where to take them? Robert recalled that he had recently picked up a business card from a local shelter and called the staff. Here they didn’t ask any questions, but simply arrived quickly at the scene and took all the puppies.

They were obviously left on the road on purpose. There were six puppies at once, so small that they could not get away from the city,” experts later said.

The story ended very well for the puppies. Everyone has already found a new home:

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