The box was used in the attic for 30 years as a table: when the house was being demolished, the man noticed it and decided to open it

During the repair of the building, the owners of the old house decided to ask their friends if they needed things that had sat unused in the attic for many years and were now likely to be thrown into the trash. garbage can. One of the family’s acquaintances was a man who agreed to come see the warehouse. His attention was attracted by an old iron box: a massive chest stood in the attic as a table.


The owners weren’t too interested in what was in the box. According to the elderly couple, they received the box with the house, when they bought it 30 years ago, and simply stood in the dusty attic as a table. Now they decided to redo the attic and started dismantling things that were no longer needed.

The man, upon closer inspection, realized that the box was a structure that looked more like an old safe with a fairly reliable lock. In the same attic, a few other boxes were found, they managed to open quite easily, but nothing inside was found.

But the iron table surprised the man. The table turned out to be an old safe – inside there were some old money: it was English money.

It’s unclear how they ended up here, but the house’s elderly owners were as surprised by the discovery as the man.

When calculating, it turned out that for 30 years the “table” had stored about twenty thousand pounds sterling inside. The total amount was divided, the real owner was unrealistic to find.

The amount, although small by today’s standards, has proven to be very useful when rebuilding an old attic.

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