Simon Cowell declares this act a “masterclass,” predicting the winner of AGT… It is nothing short of incredible

Simon Cowell proclaims this performance as a “masterclass,” foreseeing the winner of AGT… It is truly extraordinary.


Could Jimmie Herrod be the winner of Season 16 of America’s Got Talent? All the judges seem to think so.
Fan favorite Jimmie Herrod delivered another flawless performance on America’s Got Talent, receiving a standing ovation from the audience and praise from the judges.

Jimmie Herrod sang Pink’s iconic ballad “Glitter in the Air,” which was undoubtedly one of the standout performances of the night in a series of incredible acts on America’s Got Talent.

After Jimmie’s mesmerizing performance, all the judges stood up from their chairs to give Jimmie a standing ovation, with new AGT judge Sofia proclaiming him a “showstopper.” You may recall that Sofia was the first to hit the Golden Buzzer during an audition several weeks ago.

Simon Cowell described Jimmie’s performance as a “masterclass” and hinted that he would do very well in the Las Vegas show. Howie and Heidi raised the bar even higher, stating that there was no way anyone could follow a performance like that.

It seems like we have ourselves a winner, don’t we? Take a look and listen to Jimmie’s latest performance of Pink’s fabulous hit, “Glitter In The Air,” and let us know what you think.

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