Sad story: Divorce after 40 years of marriage

One day, a seventy-year-old couple walked into a lawyer’s office to file for divorce. At first the lawyer was surprised, but after talking to them, he was able to understand their story.

For the last 40 years of their marriage, this couple had argued and never reached consensus. In order not to endanger the development of their children, they stayed together. But now that their children are grown and have families of their own, nothing connects them anymore. All they wanted was to live their own lives, free from the pain they had carried with them for years. The attorney struggled to complete the paperwork but was confused as to why the couple continued to seek a divorce. The woman told her husband, “I just can’t move on even though I absolutely love you,” as she signed the papers. “Please accept my sincere apologies.” The husband said, “I understand.” The lawyer suggested that they have dinner with him.

They agreed, but once in the restaurant there was a long and uncomfortable silence. They chose fried chicken as their first course. As soon as it arrived, the husband handed his wife his thigh and said, “Here, this is your favorite.” After that, the lawyer still thought they had a chance, but the wife continued, “That’s usually the problem. You never took my feelings into account and always had such a high opinion of yourself. Don’t you realize how much I hate thighs?” She was unaware that her husband really wanted to please her, that her favorite food was thighs and that he only thought about her well-being.

However, she was unaware that he had heart problems. The next day she learned of his death. She immediately rushed to his apartment and found his lifeless body on the sofa, his cell phone still in his hand. While trying to contact her, he suffered a heart attack.

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