We want to introduce our dear reader another IQ test, that will test how attentive you are, and if you can find the mistake in the image as quickly as possible. You should examine the image of the swimming pool more closely and see how well you can use your logic.

n try your ability to identify the error in a simple picture. Examine every detail carefully for the best and correct result. Is everything in its proper place? It can be a little yet fascinating mistake that frequently escapes attention at first

This challenge tests your ability to notice small irregularities as well as your observational quickness. Can you complete the task successfully and find the error in the allotted time? Take a look and see if your IQ and detail-orienteers are up to the task! Now, let’s already look at the reveal and see what is wrong with the picture.

And the error here is that the pool water is frozen! We hope you managed to find it before reaching the reveal. Thank you for reading and spending your time with us, we appreciate it. You can show us your support by sharing this article with your friends and family too, that way you can also challenge them to solve this task too. Enjoy your time!