One of the 2 women in the picture is the young man’s wife. Do you know which one?

Dear readers we offer you to train your mind with an IQ test. As you can see, in the image above, two women are “fighting” for one man. You need to find out who the wife of the young man in the photo really is.

IQ tests are a good tool for measuring intelligence. You can also test your attention to detail through these challenges. They exist in various forms, such as mathematical equations, matchstick problems, optical illusions, or controversial images like the one above. Look carefully at the photo and identify the young man’s wife. Rachel or Sarah?

The two women in the picture are dressed identically. Both wear yellow T-shirts, shoes and earrings. Also, the hair and makeup are very similar. Even the man in the picture is in doubt.

However, there is a clue that leads to solving this IQ test. As you can see in the photo above, behind the man there is a painting of him and his wife from their wedding day. Well, if you look closely, the woman has a tattoo on her right hand.

Rachel is the one with the tattoo on the same arm as the woman in the picture. Instead, Sarah has it on her left hand. So you found out the correct answer. The wife of the young man in the photo above is Rachel. We hope you enjoyed this. Don’t forget to challenge your family and friends to solve this too. Enjoy your time!

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