Michael Schumacher: What do we know about his health 10 years after his accident?

This Friday, December 29th, marks the tenth anniversary of Michael Schumacher’s terrible skiing accident. The seven-time Formula 1 world champion is suffering from severe after-effects that prevent him from communicating and moving. Exactly ten years ago to the day, on December 29, 2013, Michael Schumacher, barely retired from the Formula 1 racing circuit, fell violently on skis during his family vacation in Méribel in Savoie.

His head hits the edge of a rock and the impact causes his helmet to break. When rescuers arrived, the man nicknamed “The Red Baron” was “stunned” by the impact, “but conscious.” He was taken to hospital, where he remained in a coma for several months. In the evening, Grenoble University Hospital announced that the former champion “suffered a severe head trauma with coma upon arrival, requiring immediate neurosurgical intervention.”


Michael Schumacher also has a cerebral hemorrhage and his life prognosis is at risk. When he wakes up six months later, nothing will be the same. To this day, it is difficult to know Michael Schumacher’s health status because his family is so discreet on the subject. The latter keeps him away from the media and does not reveal any information about him. The Formula 1 world champion can now neither walk nor stand and is unable to communicate with those around him. Michael Schumacher is cared for 24 hours a day by around fifteen doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.

 C момента несчастного случая с Михаэлем Шумахером, произошедшего на лыжах на курорте Мерибель во Французских Альпах, прошло целое десятилетие.

C момента несчастного случая Михаэлем Шумахером, произошедшего н лыжах на The place of Meribel in the French Alps, known for its beauty.

Since September 2014 he has lived in a medical suite in his family villa in Gland, Switzerland. He is “prisoner of an immobile body,” said Gaëtan Vigneron, F1 commentator for 30 years and author at the heart of Formula 1. His younger brother Ralf shared some news with local media, the statement of which was picked up by the Daily Mail: “ I miss the Michael of the past. Life is sometimes unfair. Michael was very lucky throughout his life. And then this tragic accident happened… That day was full of bad luck. This terrible fate changed our family forever. Fortunately, medicine has made great advances that offer many possibilities, but nothing is the same anymore.”

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