If you find all 8 rabbits hidden in the picture, you are very smart

And also for this Saturday, we thought we would offer you a nice but at the same time quite complicated visual test to make the most of your available free time. Today’s challenge, we tell you right away, is worthy of the most attentive and ready minds in the world. This is probably one of the most difficult visual tests you will encounter here on the web. In the image below that we bring to your attention, taking place in a fairly distant era, there are 8 rabbits hiding. Can you find them?

Many of you will certainly be accustomed since childhood to playing games and hobbies similar to the one we are currently offering you. Riddles, tests, optical illusions which are undoubtedly great ways to have fun and spend free time relaxing. In this case, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at a truly stimulating and complicated challenge.

In the image, 3 of the 8 hidden rabbits are easily identifiable. Can you see them? Optical illusions are usually complicated, but this one in particular seems very difficult to solve. Added to this problem is undoubtedly the use of certain colors: gray and black. These colors certainly do not help identify the 8 rabbits.

If you haven’t managed to solve the riddle, don’t worry: we’ve got the solution for you below.

If you carefully observe the picture depicting the figure of the man, you will notice how the 4 rabbits are hidden directly on him: the first on the right leg, the second in the left hand, the third on the chin, between the beard of the man while the fourth hides in his hair.

So pay attention to the wall behind the man figure, you will find two rabbits hiding on the side to your left, while to the right, in the corner, if you look very carefully you can also find the other one. Finally, the last rabbit is hidden on the wooden door, just behind the man’s silhouette. Here is the image with all the solutions highlighted.

It is certainly a very difficult test. You only need to find 3 to guarantee you the title of trained and reactive mind!

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