Find the camouflaged squirrel in the forest in 20 seconds: if you succeed, you have solved one of the most difficult challenges on the web

More and more often, people like to have fun with viral games and challenges that are all the rage on the web. We can find them of all kinds and different levels of difficulty. Today we present to you a puzzle that has driven thousands of users crazy. This is perhaps one of the toughest challenges on the web. Camouflaged in the forest is a squirrel. If you can find it in just 20 seconds, you can consider yourself a true genius.

Devoting a few minutes of your day to quizzes and intelligence tests are excellent pastimes that combine business with pleasure. Indeed, there is a playful aspect combined with a rational part which aims to stimulate reasoning and brain activity.

Carefully observing the image in question to find the squirrel is a skill that is acquired over time and with constant practice. Only a trained mind will have a better chance of solving the challenge. And today’s situation is truly one of the most difficult on the Web.

The image depicts a landscape scene where there are many trees, vegetation and even children playing ball. Camouflaged somewhere, there is a squirrel. Are you able to recognize it and solve the challenge?

Try to focus on the animal’s face and identify where it might be. We must be very careful and find clues that suggest the solution. However, if you are really curious about where the squirrel is hiding, just look down and you will find the solution.

This is where the squirrel is

The solution to the challenge was really demanding and required seeing a small tuft of squirrel well camouflaged in the surrounding landscape.

Don’t get discouraged and share the challenge with your friends and family, putting their skills to the test.

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