Few people see the illusion in this photo, but you noticed the grandmother

Can you think that optical illusions are a recent invention? Well, then we can tell you that you are horribly wrong. The world’s first optical illusion dates back to 1888 and was originally created as a postcard. The artist behind the illusion is known as WE Hill and the company he produced it for was the Anchor Buggy Company.

It is not known for certain what the true motive behind the pattern was, but since 1888 the illusion has spread like an epidemic throughout the world.

At first it seemed that many did not understand the illusion because they saw one or the other. But then there were some who clearly didn’t see things the same way, and the discussion continued. Before long, the illusion was in demand elsewhere, and it quickly became popular. The young woman looks away from the reader on the left. The old woman looks towards the reader, also on the left. Do you see now?

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