Every night she puts a wet towel on the window, after reading this you will do the same

We are approaching the hot summer period, which causes real problems sleeping at night. The wisest thing would be for each of us to have air conditioning. But not everyone can afford the luxury of this cooling system. With the help of these 6 simple tricks, you’ll sleep well and save money in the process.

#1. A pillow in the fridge

It may sound a little strange, but it works! You can wrap a plastic bag around the pillow to keep it from getting wet and store it in the refrigerator all day. You can place the cool pillow under your duvet at night or use it as a regular pillow.

#2. A damp towel on the window

You can reduce the room temperature with a damp or cool towel. Open the window and place a damp towel to act as a natural air conditioner during hot nights.

#3. Place ice cubes in front of the fan

If you want to cool down the room before bed, simply place a plate of ice in front of the fan. That’s the same

very effective

#4. Remove all heat sources from the room

Remove all electronic devices that generate excessive heat from the bedroom. Especially when they are being charged as they radiate and transfer unnecessary heat, increasing the room temperature.

#5. Cold bath for the feet

A cold bath will not only cool you down, but it will also help you fall asleep more easily. Cooling your legs leads to an automatic reaction of the organism: it increases the circulation to this part of the body. It will provide relaxation and a calming effect for the entire body.

#6. Damp socks

Damp socks, especially on hot nights, will refresh you. Simply put the socks in the freezer and then put them on. A sweet dream and a cool night await you!

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