But the mystery to be solved is this: how many children does the father have?

Everyone loves solving puzzles! It is not like that ? This is not surprising, because not only is it a great way to relax and distract yourself from a boring routine, but it also sharpens memory and trains logical thinking.

Here we offer you a challenge! Tell us, do you think you can find the answer to this riddle?

There is a father in the photo, sitting comfortably in the center of the room. We can notice the mess of toys around them, it is very likely that many parents identify with this uncomfortable but endearing situation.

But the mystery to be solved is this: how many children does he have?

Can you say how many children this father has?

If you look with determination and attention at the details scattered around the room, you will find the clues. It’s time to focus and think logically!

What can we observe? This illustration is not difficult for anyone. You need to focus a little on what is shown in the picture and you will be fine.

A more difficult challenge is to answer the puzzle correctly in less than 10 seconds. Can you accept the challenge?

This task can show how attentive you are. Ready to find the right answer?

Could you solve the riddle before 10 seconds?

The answer: the man has three children!

The answer depends on your details, we can recognize 2 pairs of children’s shoes in the room. However, there is also a baby in the family, as evidenced by the bottle that the father is holding in his hands!

Getting into the habit of solving challenges, puzzles, and other logical tasks will benefit and train your brain, just like you train your muscles at the gym!

It’s fun and healthy, right? Remember to share with your friends and comment on your impressions of the exercise.

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