Blind bride asks her groom and guests to close their eyes as she walks down the aisle

At the age of 17, the bride before us lost her sight. She has since revealed how, as she walked down the aisle, she asked her groom and her wedding guests to wear blindfolds, enabling them to gain an insight into her experiences.

In a poignant TikTok video, Lucy Edwards, a resident of Birmingham, greets her husband, Ollie, at the altar while everyone else in the room dons black blindfolds – a gesture that allows them to ‘walk in her shoes.’

Lucy experienced blindness due to a unique genetic condition called incontinentia pigmenti. Recently, she and Ollie got married in a private ceremony at Kew Gardens in London.

On her wedding day, the 27-year-old bride, originally from Birmingham, took a new and creative approach. She requested her partner, relatives, and friends to join her in walking down the aisle in darkness. In a video depicting a touching moment, Lucy can be observed wearing a beautiful white wedding dress and veil while holding a bouquet of flowers.

The video begins with the bride’s arrival in a white taxi, accompanied by her family and bridesmaids who help her reach the ceremony. Her soon-to-be husband, Ollie, waits patiently at the altar.

Together, they walk towards the altar with Lucy’s guide dog, Miss Molly, adorned with white flowers and a small white dress, staying faithfully by her side.

In the background, soft harp music is playing while on-screen text clarifies that the bride, who is visually impaired, blindfolded her sighted husband and guests as she walked down the aisle.

‘This is their reaction when they lived a moment in my shoes.’

As the scene progresses, Miss Molly is escorted down the aisle by Lucy, while her father follows behind at a slow pace. Lucy’s joyful expression is apparent as she makes her way towards Ollie, as the guests in attendance, all sporting black blindfolds, look on.

When the couple finally meets at the altar, Ollie becomes emotional and sheds tears.

Lucy, who lost her vision at the age of 17 due to incontinentia pigmenti, made a singular request to her groom, Ollie. She wanted him to touch her wedding gown before laying eyes on it, giving him an extraordinary opportunity to encounter their special day in a distinctive way.

Lucy posted a video on social media in which she describes a significant experience from her wedding day. She decided to blindfold herself and all of her guests when walking down the aisle.

To make the experience even more meaningful, she and her partner, Ollie, had the idea to blindfold him as well. As Lucy’s father passes her hand to Ollie at the end of the aisle, he was able to feel her wedding dress, just as she was able to when she first put it on.

Despite Ollie not being blind, it was still a touching moment for both of them. It was deemed critical for him and all attendees to comprehend Lucy’s experience during this pivotal moment in her life.

The couple married at Kew Gardens in South West London. Lucy expressed appreciation, stating, “I am fortunate to have a spouse who accepts me for who I am, including my disability.”

‘It was such an emotional moment and one that I will remember for the rest of my life.

‘I am so lucky that I have a husband who accepts me for exactly who I am, my disability and everything.’

The emotional video has garnered over 300,000 likes and received numerous heartfelt comments. One individual shared,  ‘We’ve just been told my three-year-old is going to lose his sight and I hope he finds someone who loves him like this. You’re beautiful, by the way.’

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