Am I a bad mother for kicking out my pregnant daughter?

I’m so caught up in the many twists and turns of my story that I don’t even know where to start! When my daughter told me she was pregnant, I believed she was on track for college! My cub did something so terrible that he forced my hand after I got in that monkey’s way!

Hello to you all. My name is Ella and this year my daughter Rose turns 19. I’d like to know what everyone thinks about a slightly challenging story I’m going to tell. My daughter, who is fifteen, has been dating Nathan, a twenty-year-old, for a year.

Alright, I’ll be honest: As a single mom who’s been through it all, I had my doubts about Nathan. But to my delightful surprise, he actually turned out to be a nice guy. I realized that I was starting to get to know him and consider him my adopted child.

When I learned something I didn’t want when she was that age, I wasn’t overly thrilled. “Mom, I have to tell you something, but you have to promise me that you won’t be upset,” she told me one day when she came home.

Of course, I had heard this statement before and had my plan B. I cursed myself for allowing Nathan to sneak into my heart as my imagination started playing out all sorts of scenarios! I even considered myself guilty of lowering my defenses around him.

I’m not sure how, but I suspected he was up to something my daughter would like to talk about!

But I tried not to show my reservations on my face while trying to be a good father. «What’s wrong, baby? “You know you can tell me anything?” I said coolly. She sighed and took a deep breath before hesitantly saying:

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“I’m carrying Nathan’s child.” You will become a grandmother.

I was really surprised! For some reason I hadn’t considered that as an option. After all, Rose was still a baby herself and was supposed to be a mother! I felt a wave of disappointment as I thought about how much her life would change.

I imagined all the things she would have to deal with now that she had to postpone her college studies.

I was worried that, given what she and Nathan were planning to accomplish, their studies might have to be canceled entirely. When she noticed the fear in my eyes, my daughter comforted me:

“I understand that you wanted me to focus on my future, but Nathan and this baby play an important role in it.”

She assured me that everything will go well. I gave in to the joy that greeted me when I realized that I would soon have a grandson! I stood up and congratulated her and Nathan while hugging them. Rose then pulled back and said:

“Well, I’m going to give you another surprise.”

This time she held out her left hand and there was a ring on her wedding ring finger!

“When he proposed to mom, I said yes!” The moment the tears started flowing, I could see how worried Nathan was about my child and her future! I was thrilled with my newborn daughter!

Although I was hesitant, in the days that followed, I couldn’t help but be excited. Your wedding and the birth of my first grandchild were two reasons to be happy! I let her live in my house because I was so involved in her life.

Meanwhile, Nathan set about building a solid foundation for his new family.

The happy couple was even given a special room in my house for the nursery. It was fun decorating it together! But one fateful afternoon, things took a drastic turn in my humble, normally peaceful home.

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I got home earlier than usual, loaded with lots of cheap stuff from the local store in my arms. I bought things to prepare for the arrival of my grandchild. However, I had no idea that the peace of the day would soon collapse before me.

With a spring in my step I entered the kitchen only to meet Rose. She was only wearing her pretty underwear. Her astonished look matched the rhythm of my pounding heart, which seemed to see a problem before I did.

“Mummy! Why are you coming home so early? Rose’s voice shook as she stuttered.

“Baby, who are you talking to?” came from the hallway before I could respond in a deep, strange voice. The informal closeness of the conversation made my stomach turn as I realized it wasn’t Nathan!

Rose had two steaming cups of coffee in her hands and I finally noticed and left the diapers and other items e go. My hands are still shaking from what I saw that day.

“I thought I’d surprise you with this,” I exclaimed as I raised my voice and pointed at the mess at my feet. But apparently I’m the one who’s surprised. Heart pounding, I stepped toward the voice, ignoring Rose as she pleaded, “Mom, please, let me explain!”

I ignored them and pushed open the bedroom door and saw a man I didn’t know covered in the sheet Nathan’s mother had given him!

“Rose, what’s wrong

here?” In an iron voice I demanded an answer that hung heavy in the air. The man stood up, trying to look dignified, which only made me angrier.

«Oh my God, woman. “I didn’t know—” he began, his eyes flickering uncontrollably.

“Go away!” I interrupted him rudely. Without hesitation, he scurried away from me, carrying a regretful spirit with him.

Rose was crying now, her betrayal splattered across her makeup. It was a mistake, mom. I was simply insignificant. Please keep Nathan in the dark. Please, she begged me.

“You claim ‘that was nothing’, but how? You reveal everything our family worked so hard to build for you! I screamed, my eyes burning.

“You lied not just to Nathan, but to everyone. We have prepared this home and this space for your future and your child’s future.

But when I saw her with another man in the house where we had been painting fantasies together, my decision became even stronger! Rose, you’ve made your decision. You have to go now. I need some space to think and recover before I decide whether I can ever see you in the same light again.

Rose fell to the floor and clutched my legs.

«Mom, I have no money and no place to go! Please, I’m scared,” she said. I felt a piece of me fall apart as I stood there, watching her pack her few items through tear-stained eyes. But the lie was too deep and the hurt too fresh.

I consider my options as I sit here alone in the midst of unfinished dreams. There is a lot of uncertainty about the baby’s paternity — was Rose even carrying Nathan’s child? Should I impose this reality on him?

Was Rose’s expulsion the right move or too harsh a decision?

It is with a heavy heart that I turn to you, dear readers of my disturbing story: Should I tell Nathan this sad truth? Was this the right thing for me to do to preserve the integrity of our family? Or am I a betrayed mother who behaves not wisely but hurtfully?

In Ella’s story, she had to kick her daughter out because she disrespected her home and everything she and Nathan had done for her; but in the subsequent narrative, another mother was forced to take the same drastic measures. This time the woman in question stood her ground because of a future daughter-in-law who was rude and conceited.

Is it wrong that I kicked my future daughter-in-law out of my house after she made demands regarding my jewelry?
The drama with the inherited rings, oh! This is an interesting story from Reddit about engagement problems that could put any soap opera to shame!

The protagonist of the story is a 48-year-old mother who loves jewelry and has an impressive collection of sparkling items, including her emerald ring. Her 22-year-old son, engaged to his mistress, invites his fiancée over for a seemingly simple meal.

When the future daughter-in-law confesses to her mother how much she loves her rarely worn emerald ring, the situation becomes awkward. She specifically requests the ring as an heirloom engagement gift, in addition to the significant wedding gifts that were already planned, so it’s not just about admiration!

Our Reddit user, clearly surprised, accuses his future daughter-in-law of being after his fortune. The young woman replies that it is normal for heirlooms to be passed on during one’s lifetime.

The scene quickly spirals out of control when the future daughter-in-law is asked to leave and her fiancé angrily follows her.

The son suggests donating the ring, which would earn him the goodwill of his fiancée. Although her husband and daughter support her and agree that the ring was hers and she could do whatever she wanted with it, the mother is shocked by her son’s unexpected attitude.

The future daughter-in-law is angry, the family is now divided, and the mother is holding on to her jewelry. What a wonderful story, right? Guys, hold on to those rings and family drama!

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