A woman transformed an abandoned plane she bought for next to nothing into a luxurious residence

A woman transformed an abandoned plane into a luxurious home after buying it for next to nothing. When she lost her home in the early 1990s, the protagonist of our true story encountered a difficult situation in her life.

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She suffered a great loss and moving forward in life was very difficult for her.

Cette femme a acheté un avion abandonné pour presque rien et l'a transformé  en une maison de luxe.

Susan resided in Mississippi, a city in the United States that suffered extensive storm damage in 1993. Susan’s house was demolished.

Cette femme a acheté un avion abandonné pour presque rien et l'a transformé  en une maison de luxe.

To get through such a crisis, you have to discover strength.

The woman didn’t know what to do. She had just lost her partner, who was her main source of support. Susan was a simple beautician who worked in a salon. The mother decided to buy a mobile home after saving her last pennies to live with her son and daughter.

However, he only had the option of old, uninhabitable “wrecks” at that price. His life had a strange event. Then a friend of the late wife advised them to explore a new possibility: an old abandoned plane. where furnishing a property is relatively feasible.

After leaving to choose the potential “house”, the Boeing 747, which had been flying since the 1960s, was Susan’s true passion. and which has just been decommissioned and was going to be dismantled “for scrap”. She discovered help and a solution to the problem. She acted on the advice of the friend who was her husband.

The woman only paid $2,000 for the plane; but, shipping and installation were slightly more expensive.


The plane was positioned in a beautiful clearing adjacent to the lake, supported by sturdy concrete pillars. She took a chance and acquired a special house that no one else in the world had. Moreover, it turned out to be a truly huge and comfortable residence, in which everything necessary for comfortable living was installed and communications were subsequently connected. There is a jacuzzi in addition to a bathroom with a view of the lake. You can hardly believe it because it truly is a miracle.

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