17-year-old boy returned lost wallet and received reward

A 17-year-old boy named Adrian Rodriguez found the wallet while walking down the street. The wallet contained cash and the owner’s driver’s license. Adrian could have kept the wallet, but he did the right thing and decided to return the wallet to the address on his driver’s license.

The owner of the wallet was not there, it turns out she moved and her relative lived there.

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The guy returned the wallet and went home. A relative told him that the wallet had been found and the owner, Eliane Martin, decided to offer him a reward. She posted a video with Adrian on Facebook and asked for the guy’s page. According to Adrian, he received more than 10 messages that the video with his participation went viral on the Internet. Adrian contacted Eliane and met her. Elian gave the guy up to $15,000, for which he was extremely happy and grateful.

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