With the last of her strength, a mother dog without two paws defended her puppies

Once this dog had its own home and people who took care of it. She was happy. After a while, people decided that they no longer needed a friend. So Shi Bao ended up on the street. During her wanderings, the dog got hit by a train. She survived, but lost her hind legs.

Shi Bao did not give up and despite everything that happened, she was able to give birth to four puppies. The dog was very affectionate to her kids and was ready to protect them to the last.

In search of food, Shi Bao and her little ones went to the train station every morning. The kids have always followed their mother relentlessly.

The unusual dog and her children soon became known throughout the district, and the story reached local animal rights activists. The volunteers decided to help mom and her kids.

Finding Shi Bao and her puppies was a difficult task. When the volunteers finally found the family, only two puppies remained alive, one of whom was seriously ill. The baby was immediately taken to the vet.

Doctors have been fighting for the puppy’s life for a long time. They managed to cure him. Now he is healthy, active and cheerful again.

The second puppy turned out to be completely healthy. He had a great appetite and as soon as he had enough food, he quickly began to grow. Shi Bao, despite the absence of hind legs, turned out to be completely healthy.

A little time passed and new families were found for Shi Bao and her babies. Although the family has moved to different parts of the country, each of them is happy in their new home.

Despite the betrayal, Shi Bao did not stop trusting people. She is very affectionate and friendly.

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