Why is it better not to call a cat by a human name

There is nothing strange in the fact that the cat is given the nickname Victor, Benjamin, and the female cat is called Marie. It seems to us that these names are suitable for animals. But there is an opinion that it is still better for pets to choose other nicknames…

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Why people shouldn’t give a cat a human name

Let’s highlight the most important reasons:

  • It may not be very pleasant for your new friend or girlfriend, relative, or neighbor to find out that your cat was named after him or her.
  • In ancient times, the church strictly judged those who gave pets human names. This is due to the fact that a person is given the name of a saint at baptism, who later becomes a Guardian Angel… That is why it is inappropriate to give human names to cats and dogs.
  • The third reason is connected with the otherworld. There is an opinion that each name has its own energy. And if you call a cat the same name as one of your dead ancestors, it will trigger a surge of negative energy. It can be so strong that the cat can not cope with it. Because of this, the animal can get very sick.

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Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether to believe and listen to all these theories. Call your pet whatever you want. By the way, have you noticed that the nickname of the cat itself comes to mind already at the first meeting with it?

And what is the name of your cat? Do you also think it is wrong to call an animal by a human name?

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