When the dog saw the picture of its brother, it decided to touch and cuddle it

Our pets have affections too and we mustn’t forget that. Today’s touching reaction, I don’t think anyone will forget and it won’t leave anyone indifferent. You can see Frank in these pictures.

The dog misses its brother, who passed away last month, very much. The owners say the two brothers were very friendly. Frank is now very sad and misses its brother.

When Smiff passed away, Frank was always alone and always sad. However, when the dog saw a picture of its brother hanging on the wall, it immediately decided to go and touch it.

You can see from these pictures how much the dog misses Smiff. The owners were not expecting such a touching reaction, so they decided to take pictures of this moment. I think it’s very touching, as it doesn’t understand where its brother has gone, and now it sees the pictures and wants to touch and cuddle it. It’s too heartbreaking!

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