What happens to a cat’s heart when she is forever transferred to another house

It often happens when people choose a cat as a pet, but before that, the purr lived with other owners. And we, of course, are very interested to know how the kitty will feel in the new home and how long it will take to adapt to the new owners and conditions.

Once in an unfamiliar place, cats experience very intense stress, which, however, lasts only a few days. During this period, the purr climbs the floor of the bed, does not communicate with anyone and does not even go out to eat.

But then he gradually begins to adapt and go out, and hunger makes itself felt. Kitty explores a new home, not forgetting about all the nooks and crannies.

How long does the cat miss its former owners? Studies have shown that cats forget their owners very quickly and do not particularly suffer from loss, and already two months later the cat does not even remember their existence in his life.

Naturally, cats get used to new owners, especially to those family members who show the most care for them, but such love and loyalty, as in the case of a dog, can hardly be expected. This is the fundamental difference between cats and dogs: the latter never forget their previous owners.

Adaptation to a new place is fast and there will be a feeling that the cats have lived with these people for a very long time. But any attempt to change the place of residence will be an additional cause for stress for the cat, since pussies hate a change of scenery and happily return to their old and familiar home, also unlike dogs, for which it is not the place, but the presence of the owner that is important.

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