Weak kitten did not want to communicate with anyone until he met the future owner

Imgur user Zazypants shared the story of rescuing a kitten he adopted from a shelter.

The guy saw a kitten in the shelter. He was tiny, emaciated that the kitten was not immediately given up for adoption. The future owner returned a few days later to take the month-old baby to him.

The baby fought off the shelter staff when they tried to treat him, but immediately clung to the guy’s chest – and refused to leave him. So Moti chose his owner.

The kitten is now 4 months old. The first days at home, he was nervous, meowing, but then he got used to it. See how he has changed in 4 months of life in care and love.

The shelter workers considered this kitten to be angry and unfriendly, he did not want to communicate with anyone, but at home, he showed his true character. Moti turned out to be an affectionate and devoted cat.

He adores his owner and even made friends with a red-haired fellow, who also does not find a common language with everyone.

Apparently, everyone in this family is just kindred spirits.

It’s great to have them all together!

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