Veterinarians helped a dog that had overgrown its fur and was immobile

They did not immediately realise that they were in front of a living creature when Animal Welfare Society staff found the dog.

The dog, named Ellie Mae, was so overgrown that volunteers called it the worst case they had ever seen.

The tiny creature’s thick fur was tangled and very dirty, making it difficult to move at all.

It was impossible to unwind or comb it. The dog, who was about 11 years old, was left all alone in the house after its owner passed away.

Ellie Mae was not initially seen there for unknown reasons, and it was not taken away until it had the appearance of an old coat.

The dog could then be safely cared for and the vets could get to work.

Fortunately, this was not necessary and the dog was fine. The doctors admit that they encounter this phenomenon almost daily.

It’s true that Ellie Mae has ‘outdone’ every client who has visited the clinic!

The dog will be placed in safe hands as soon as everything is done.

We have no doubt that many people will fall in love with this pretty muzzle!

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