Until now, no one can determine what breed this rescued dog is

Blossom is a small bald dog with sad eyes

Gretchen May noticed the dog on the website of the Los Angeles shelter. She was sure that she simply had to take Blossom for herself.

Blossom had a lot of problems, but the future owner was not scared

It suffered from infections of the respiratory tract, ears, skin, and various wounds. Why it is bald – veterinarians could not determine.

Nothing is known about the dog’s past, but the new owners will continue to fight the ailments of the baby

They will find out if the dog remains bald due to allergies or for other reasons. Little is known about the breed either, perhaps there is something of a chihuahua in it.

Blossom is a very calm and gentle dog, it loves to sit on people’s laps and always demands attention. A real girl!

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